Round-the-clock papa

For almost three years now I have been working at home and I see my children and my wife almost the whole day. At this time, I have to do work, earn money and, one way or another, pay attention to my family.

I can not say how well I am good at dealing with children, but the second half of the day is almost always in a close family circle. True work at this moment does not stop and we have to devote time to everything, working on several fronts.

Earnings are not always stable and sometimes you catch yourself thinking that working in the office would be more productive and I would earn more, respectively, and bring more nyashes to the family. Communication and education of children with such an average way of life would be minimal. And for children at their tender age it is more important than buying home more delicacies and mechanical entertainment. Although they do not understand this. They need entertainment. And dad, who is always at home, he is always at home and so on.

I do not know how to raise a child’s wife would she be alone with them for days on end. From me they all can get quite tough reactions and education. Moreover, what is needed for boys, as not the father’s upbringing.

Sometimes you notice how tough and sharp you are in matters of education, but despite all the rigidity, I, like the children of me, love and adore very much.

And we also play and read books not only in the evening, but in the daytime and in the morning. Daddy’s at home around the clock, so everything is enough in our family.

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