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The designer addressed us with his client. They draw a website, we will need to program it. The client already has the site, but it was created on the nethouse constructor, the domain is also registered there.

At the stage of site preparation we need to understand who registered the domain and how it can be transferred to another registrar. We have been working with the registrar and hosting provider for a few years already, and we recommend it to everyone.

First look at the nethouse user control panel

On the first screen you will see your tariff and connected domains

To manage your domains connected to nethouse, you need to go to the Domains section.

As on a normal normal recorder, information is displayed conveniently.

Information about domain transfer with the registrar. We go to see the help.

To help with domains, there is only information on how to transfer a domain to nethouse. Nobody wants to fire the reverse theme «how to dump with nethouse».

NetHouse is a handy site builder, but when business needs development, it’s essential to transport the site to a normal administration system.

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Because everyone has their own rules and, in this connection, the solution of a particular problem becomes completely different.

Posted at 18:04:21 on 09/04/2017


Instantly received an auto-response:

We received your appeal and will respond to it shortly. Usually it takes from 1 to 24 hours.
Each return is given its own number.

A few minutes later came the answer from a man with nethouse. I asked for the domain. Therefore, if you want to take your domain with you, you will be asked for its name, not the name of the account. Because you can register more than one domain name to your account.

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Instructions for changing the domain registrar are available at
Restore access to the domain control panel, here:, while within 15 minutes on the contact email. address of the domain will be sent an email with a link to change the password.
The guys in nethouse are working! In 20 minutes I received all the necessary information. Well done. Thank you!

The help page is a situation where you can not transfer a domain. We do not get into these situations, but I recommend that everyone else carefully study these points. All the rest of the information on changing the registrar is very detailed and with screenshots.

Transferring a domain name service to another Registrar

I did not immediately understand, but for the domains there is a separate authorization, here:

I do not have these accesses, so we’ll ask the client. If the client does not have a login and password for managing domains, it will be reset.

I would very much like to hope that this domain will register a non-peak on the client, not on himself.

To be continued …

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