How does proxy bidding contextual advertising

It is instructive to observe contextual advertising and to make certain conclusions when working with small budgets, and bumping into a popular key word, about how regularly the increased rate. This means that the proxy bidding works, which automatically raises to your set maximum value.

Recently, it became noticeable regular increase of the rate according to the keyword “garden furniture” one of our customers, which we are not only in Yandex direct, but promote website.

How does proxy bidding in context

In this advertising campaign we are working on the position of “the entrance to the special placement,” which implies getting ads to the fourth position of the special placement. This is done in order to quietly get closer to first position organic delivery. Because many users search purposefully not click on an advertisement, knowing that the seller of goods or services paid certain amount of money and increased the price of the product. And perhaps there are other reasons. Anyway, “the entrance to the special placement” by many advertisers is the best position.

the Change to the key phrase

Let’s see how the price on the same request.
The second day. Competition has decreased. Presumably, the irregular cash flow of its competitors.

Yandex direct. key request

the As you now believe whether to keep a balance in Yandex Direct positive. After all, lowering the rate for the position may occur regularly and in a fairly crazy limits.

On a global scale for advertising campaign monitoring Analytics. In this post I wanted to show only the time of the rate changes and your position. As one hour all direct could change dramatically.

ЧИТАТЬ  Managing Domains on

So, keep your hand on the balance sheet. A good conversion!

Quality account in Yandex Direct

As for our ads for a client, the quality of the advertising account in direct broke the record and now is 9.90 out of a possible 10 points.

What should be done to improve the quality of the account? In our case it is to regularly replenish the budget.

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