Два анекдота на английском

t’s Oscar’s first day at his new company. He’s standing in front of the paper shredder looking confused.

“Need some help?” says a man walking by.
“Oh, yes, please,” says Oscar. “How does this thing work?”
“It’s simple,” the man says, taking the report from Oscar’s hand and putting it into the shredder.
Thanks. That’s great,” says Oscar. “But where do the copies come out?”

Whilst shopping, an elderly lady drops her purse. A little girl notices this and goes to pick it up. Seconds later, she taps the lady on the shoulder.

Excuse me, miss, you dropped this.”

Oh, thank you very much,” the lady says, as she looks through her purse. But very soon, her smile turns to a frown.

MmmThats  funny. When I last looked in my purse there was a £20 note. Now there are four £5 notes.”

Thats right,” the little girl quickly explains

The last time I found a purse, the owner didnt have any change for a reward! ”