Do not forget to improve your life

Today was a fantastic working evening and night. Almost 5 hours worked on optimizing our website for the creation and promotion of Internet resources.

There is never a time on their own resources. Even when you don’t have a lot of work to start doing it. Start to think to make time to rest – go to bed early or play minesweeper on the computer. But very rarely want to do their own projects.

Today was a day quite different from yesterday when I didn’t know what to do and not how it wanted to do. And there were plenty. Today did a very good job. I think I already said at the beginning of the text. If again, so really it was worth it.

I would like to explain what has been done on the site and how the site looked before optimization, but I won’t.

The previous version of the main page was under the influence of stupid worthless slider, which itself was seen by 70% and the useful information it was 5%. For some reason I did not notice. And all because on the website almost didn’t go. And why, even if the texts on the site wrote.

What brings you profit? Yeah, that’s probably not what it should be. Not spending money, you will not find his client.

By the way, today poured on to the website two audits from 2015. They are gorgeous! The first audit was done in vain, because for some time with this client worked, and here is another audit of the site on the subject of plumbing was done, apparently, in order to two years later, this text with all the screenshots and recommendations of the gash on your website. A new section on the website called “Audits”. So far, only threw back two usability.

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A technical audit of the site we also conducted and they were also not on the website. And in 2015, our site has already changed three times your design and kind of functionality. And the fact that, customers and free sycophants make websites, and yourself can’t do this to be comfortable.

Just need more time to think about work. I really pity that not everyone at my work think about the development of a common cause. A lot of distractions, which also can not escape, but it would be without them.

Returning back to our more updated website, here, the main feature of the change was the upper part, which now no stupid slider. Now in the upper part there is a form with which we want to increase our database of articles – “to request a free website audit”.

The themes of most of my articles are in correspondence with clients. This is the best live questions. Maybe not all of them modern, but, as practice shows, the majority of people on the Internet do not understand and every time a new person has to explain the same thing. From this you just become stronger and automatizalasi their explanations without affecting your mind.

Finally I will put here a new top of our site. Suddenly some ideas dream.

In General, now see what we have to think about and work on. That is to improve.

Do not forget to improve your life

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