A difficult situation or where to go

Think I’m at the cottage in the night. The difficult situation that arises in front of me. Where to go and what to do in the professional sphere?

Maybe because it’s Saturday, and tomorrow an important meeting, the results of which will be clear how much money is necessary to look for in a short time. A search for money will have nowhere but to take out a loan.

Where to go?

No, I know a lot, know a lot, but it refers to different it-areas. And if you take something apart, then the range of knowledge is significantly narrowed.

Can’t say that I have something interesting to separate from the adjacent areas. Not like a long monotonous work. Switching to different events and activities relax from one when doing something else. It turned out very abstract explanation. 🙂

For example, recently had to make a video. Fired up to install and try Adobe AE. Wanted to install as it was discovered that after effects is already installed on the computer. So when we have had an attempt to do something about it.

You can now sit down and, for example, to see and try something new to make on the layout or re-start to learn the basics of programming in js, as already once was. I want it less like to dig into adobe after effect. Is likely affects nervous mood before tomorrow.

Let’s see what will happen to me after tomorrow’s meeting.

You are what you doing now

Today was the day. Moscow celebrated its 870 years. I, as a native resident of the city, who was born 34 years ago and grew up in Moscow, with all my heart I love this city. But now for me it is very bitter imprint delay from the technology misspent several years of my life.

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If in those 10 years I didn’t do what I did and, after finishing school, my parents would carefully watch over my life and recommended certain steps more tightly, and therefore the more loving attitude to the fact that I don’t do anything except go to College, want to work.

Ideally, in those years, I had to think about the future, about something big in her life where she will have to slip to go. But think about the future I only taught my wife.

The desire to be athletic

A few days before my 34 birthday, I decided to change my life and abandon those habits that I spoiled all my previous years. I decided for myself not to be like those around me. Wanted to be somebody, to be a Maverick, to be oneself. Love yourself and take care of yourself.

Please note in the store to people who look to you are disgusting, let’s see what these people buy and don’t buy it. So you on a molecular level you distance yourself from such unpleasant personalities.
With this new me more increased the desire to have new interests and new friends that will strengthen those interests. At the moment it’s all about the sport, to the development of his own body. Every day I look at myself and not all I love, how I want. And I want to have more than what you have. And it’s time to fix it.

Maybe my real future is not in what I do now. And this feeling is growing every day.

Probably, such thoughts are connected with the fact that in the current job, I do not find external support, and have to stew in the VAT to one with a lot of questions and Internet answers. It becomes boring and disgusting.

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Now, I think I’m starting to understand the phrase of my friend who once asked me: “Tell me what you have in your life interesting?”.
A lot of interesting things, but no individual concentration and proportional development. I have no schedule, which every day draws me up. Sports I replaced this schedule in their professional sphere and, it seems, a professional activity should switch to something else.

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